100% Pure, Raw & Unfiltered Honey from Middle Georgia Beekeepers

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What's so special about Money's Honey?

Our small family operation grew from a desire to put fresh, local, 100% wildflower honey on our OWN table to supplying over 20 local retail partners with honey for our Middle Georgia community!

  • Raw local wildflower honey


    Our honey does not undergo pasturization. When honey is raw and unfiltered it's "as it exists in the hive" and we think that's best! Honey is an antioxidant powerhouse full of immune boosting properties, phytonutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Pasteurization would remove most of these incredible health benefits and reduce the depth of flavor. Our honey is hive to table - natural, unaltered, and delicious!

  • Bottling raw local wildflower honey

    100% PURE

    Our honey is 100% pure honey. If that seems like an obvious statement, consider that as recently as 2018 the FDA had to make clear its definition of honey as a "single ingrediant substance." This was because many storebought honeys were cut with corn or rice syrup, malt sweeteners and unrefined sugar. We think it's worth saying again - our honey is 100% honey, 100% of the time.

  • honey bees


    Our hives are hosted on some of the most beautiful farms throughout middle Georgia and have access to a wide spectrum of blooms throughout the year. The honey they produce naturally varies in color and flavor according to what's in season. No matter what's in season though, wildflower honey has a rich and complex flavor that cannot be reproduced.

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Elderberry Immune Support

Always made in small batches for ultra freshness!

  • Natural Decongestant

  • Daily dose of Vitamin C

  • Effective Anti-viral

  • Reduces Inflammation

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